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Win a Free E-Book of my Paintings & Poetry

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Welcome ... to where the Soul Speaks ... and floods you with sacred symbols and sound, images and calligraphy, sound bytes and sensations.

You could WIN a free e-book of my beautiful painting and poetry called "Paintings and Poetry for the Soul".

This is my brand new website, with new paintings, audio tracks, distance healing options, online skype sessions and painting sessions.

"I would love your support". Simply add your name and email to the "Subscribe to Joy and Happiness " on the home page. That's it! You will be in to win!

"Poetry and Paintings for the Soul"

Your Impressions: I'd also love you to comment in the boxes below. Any and every little bit of feedback helps us, connect more closely, to you.

If it's good news, please I warmly invite you to also post it forward ... to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ page. You can also 'click the paperclip' to forward this opportunity to a friend by email!

Will make an awesome present.

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