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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

It is a privilege to share this with you at this time of our New Year...

The Sacred Church of the Holy Sepulchre- Jerusalem

And so it was, that early in the morn, my guidance took me to the Sacred Church of the Holy Sepulchre within the walls of old Jerusalem. Although the crowds were already present, the small room I was guided to was unusually empty. Taking my seat, I quietly journeyed within, awaiting all I was sent there for, my recorder at the ready for whatever was to unfold... Magically it did. Totally oblivious to all the noise of the gathering crowd outside, beloved Yeshua spoke so lovingly to me, some of which I share with you, that you too, may journey again with him, as so many of you have...

"Dearest One, long we have awaited for your return to this Holy Land, the land where I, your beloved Yeshua, walked among the peoples of this land, for now the Truths be known as I speak through you, my beloved friend. Such is the great Love I have for you.

As people listen to your voice, tears of remembrance will flow, cleansing and clearing all that is of illusion, leaving only the shining Light of Truth. So much Knowledge and Wisdom is yet to be revealed through the words we give to you. Have no doubt, have no fear, have only Love, for that is who you are, and only through this will your Truth be known.

I, Yeshua, bless all with the Love of our Creator... Creator of Worlds, of Universes, of the known and the unknown, that this be made known to you through your Voice and your writings and your Paintings. Know dear One, you are Loved beyond measure. In Oneness...Your beloved Yeshua."

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