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Imagine it, See it, Feel it, It is already Given

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. This year has started as promised, on an amazing High, and I welcome you with so much Love as this months message comes with such high energy, some very new to me. The Lightness and Joy that soaked through to my Core confirmed the realization that all is well when we allow. The new energies introduced themselves as "The Team' and there was for me, such laughter....Enjoy beloveds... "You have a song - '...and the Times they are a changing...' and this be true for all things living in these New Times Dear One, for this is what has been foretold for aeons of Time. Some are prepared, most are not and find themselves in a space of degrees of chaos.This is all good dear Ones, for as you move and shake, much is released, hence the energies you are both witnessing and experiencing. NEVER BEFORE has Humanity and Mother Earth been through such change and NEVER BEFORE has the outcome been so positive for the Future-Now of All. YOU, as Lightworkers, fully understand both the reasons for and your own imperative part in this Evolution being created. Now we speak more of all you can do Dear Ones, even though you may feel and think differently. As your own vibration is expanding, the 'more' you can do is expanding as well. The Beauty and magic here, is that all you need do is to continue to think, feel and act from your heart as you journey deeper into that magical space of instant manifestation where only good can ever happen - that Quantum field of expanded Consciousness where Peace, Love and Joy reign supreme. Then you KNOW all is well. Such is the Magnificence of your BEing Dear Ones. We have spoken of this before, and now add the importance of your Personal grounding, for as your upper levels expand as do the branches of an ancient Oak tree, unless its roots are strongly grounded deep into beloved Earth Mother, it will topple over. So be it with you Dear Ones, to keep yourself balanced on all levels- as above, so below. The audio today will support you. So DREAM BIG, dear Ones. KNOW IT and FEEL IT and know it is already given, because it is. Continue to empty yourself of all that no longer serves, fill that space with your dreams and watch them manifest. May Divine Love, Light, Peace and Joy be your reality always We are One - We are 'The Team'


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