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"There are NO words, Dearest Ones, to describe the Oneness of whom you are a part...You ARE Source...an energy that is beyond description. Your Path across many lifetimes is your Path to full realisation and has never been one for the faint of Heart, but one of the deepest love, courage and commitment to self. The further you travel this road, the more you realise you have further to go. The Path into the depths of your Sacred Heart is an unknown Path, and now, more than ever before, you feel that calling. Are you willing to answer that call Dearest Ones? Are you really ready to step into that unknown darkness, or does fear hold you back? The changes you are witnessing throughout your World have all been foreseen. Have you noted your Inner response to these events and wondered what can you do to make a difference for the better? Ask yourself- What would you wish for yourself and your Loved Ones...Is it the same as you are witnessing? Hence the journey of the Courageous Heart. This is not one of 'Lip-service' Dear Ones, but one of clear vision and loving commitment...to yourself. You can and do make a difference as your positive thoughts and unconditional Love for all expands vibrations of the same, tapping into the Christ Consciousness Grid and beyond. We ask you Dear Ones, do you really know what happens when your thoughts are truly aligned with the Divine? As powerful as these words may seem, they are no match for your own Heart-felt, selfless intentions. So imagine now, the most grand outcome possible for your Heart-felt desires and feel that Divine energy illuminate your cells and your Subtle bodies as it expands exponentially. Stay in that energy of gratitude and Knowing, then REMEMBER who you are...Created by Love...Love is who you are."

ILLUMINATION “Deep within the recesses of your Soul’s memory are your experiences of all your Lifetimes since Creation. This is a Sacred journey, Dear Ones – this eternal journey of your Soul, and it is through your ‘journeying’ that you are reuniting with aspects of yourself from beyond, bringing these into your Eternal Now, for NOW is your period of “Illumination”- that all will be brought to the Light, as your Consciousness continues to expand exponentially. Love and Joy remain the Key to your eternal Peace.Blessings be…….”


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