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THE GIFTS OF THE UNSEEN Mary Magdalene speaks...

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

We know we are never alone and sometimes we are more conscious of specific energies that surround us. Somehow, I recognised the incredible softness of Divine Love that I had been experiencing for some time as Beloved Mary Magdalene blessed me with her presence.. Her vibration had stayed with me well past the time I had completed the painting above to bless us all with her Loving words which I share here with much gratitude. It is the energy of her words the sink into your BEing even deeper, no matter how familiar they may seem to you.

[Please read the important timely end note- thank you]

"It is I, Mary the Magdalene, beloved wife of Yeshua,who speaks with you today. In these times of chaos you are witnessing. 'ease and grace' may seem unobtainable - a 'pipe-dream' some may call it. Dearest Ones, there are ways to detach from these energies that many find themselves in the midst of, or are facing in your daily lives as attachment to them creates an imbalance of Divinity. We, Yeshua and I, speak as One. Your history has well documented parts of our Lives. The 'undocumented' parts are known by many who chose the Path of Love. We are not talking religion here, as this is man-made. We are talking of the Divine - that Sacred part of every HUman [HU, being the breath of God] - the vibration within your Heart, for when One accesses your heart on ever- deepening levels, they come to that space we call 'Grace.' Grace is a vibration Dear Ones, of the deepest Peace and absolute Love- it is a 'stillness' and a 'knowing' that all is in Divine Order. You are totally detached from the chaos - that 3D illusion that must play out it's part in the evolution.of HUmanity, for your HUman experience is a School of Learning - no passing or failing, simply the expansion of your Consciousness. Yeshua taught that "Love is the Key and the Way", it is you Beloveds, who hold the Key to open that door to your absolute Truth and KNowing. There is NO turning back. as you begin to experience the 'Grace and Gratitude' of your journey. No-one knows better than I, the the journey of the heart in those times over 2000 years ago. There are many reading these words who are yet to experience the depth of True Love - it is there, it always was and always will be. It is found within, and in the discovery, 'Grace and Gratitude' expands forever outwards, drawing more of the same unto you - this is Universal law.. So Dearest Ones, read deep the energy of these words. Love thy self, Love thy God-spark within and chaos disappears. With practice you will find you are there in a moment of heartfelt thought and soon enough, it will be your place of residence. We walk with you always in the greatest of Love..."


PLEASE NOTE- Most are aware of the energies pulsating Mother Earth & Humanity at this time of the great shift.This however, is the 1st time I have felt to share my personal experience around this matter, such is the importance that it must not be ignored. Twice in the last month I have been given very clearly, this date. Come 4th July onwards,a powerful wave of energy is coming to Earth.& Humanity. Everyone's senses will be touched in some way. The importance of remaining calm, centred, Present and grounded cannot be underestimated to enable the integration with 'Ease & Grace' - how timely, we have received Mary's message. PLEASE share this information with your family,friends and associates, that all may 'breathe and receive. Thank you from my heart...Gail


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