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The beautiful energies of these New Times continue, remaining both gentle and powerful, and it is in this Divine and seemingly eternal moment that I

bring through these energies for May. My Sacred Space was full of the unseen, as they as One, blessed us with the following... "We are here Dear One, we are the One and the All. We come to you this day as the energy you know as 'Thoth' [my heart sang with such Joy as I recognised his energy] We bring you Light, that you may LIGHTEN UP, for so many of you take your Spirituality so seriously that we ask you seriously now-'How much Joy do you experience in your Life? How often do you hear yourself laugh, sometimes for no reason other than you are happy inside. What/who do you depend upon for your Joy? This is the most important question we ask you to ask yourself, for if the answer is external, then it is not of the same enLIGHTened vibration you see. Joy is a Higher vibration of Love. Joy is the expanded vibration of Divine Love. Joy is a 'completeness' in that you have energetically moved past the illusion of 3D Life - You are becoming more enLIGHTened and therefore everything about your existence is LIGHTER and BRIGHTER. ALL your senses are expanded - How wonderful. We invite you to journey within with OPEN EYES- you will be in awe of your new-found Reality BREATHE IT, FEEL IT, LOVE IT, EXPAND IT, REMEMBER IT...For THIS is YOU. You ARE LIGHT - Come home to Yourself. You will Love your journey. Practice often and all else fades away. Enjoy Beloveds. as we too, journey with You". Eternal Love, Light and Laughter...Thoth"

BLISS "There are no words to describe the Vibrations encoded within. It is a Feeling- a BEingness with all that is Pure, Incandescent, Boundless Love. We of the Heavenly Realms, Bless you -For I AM YOU, & YOU I AM ....AND SO IT IS"


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